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Pro Optix provides products and solutions that enable a lot of industry applications – often Pro Optix products are key to the success of a project, but may well be only one element.

Some example projects that we would likely be involved with are:

Through the Pro Optix team we are regularly involved with supporting customers with project solutions, this could be through our pre-sales support services or more extensive professional services.

Pro Optix has supplied enterprises and SME businesses with a portfolio of leading-edge fibre optical connectivity solutions for the business network infrastructure. The selection of case studies below showcase our solutions in real-life applications, so you can get a true sense of the benefits delivered to the end customer.

MPO Solutions
for Data Centres

Linköpings University


Alongside Atea, Pro Optix delivered a MPO solution to Linköpings University (LiU). The MPO solution simplifies and creates a flexibility that matches the ambition of LiU to build a data centre that is well-equipped for the future. The solution provides improved connectivity and more cost-effective handling of maintenance changes.

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Nordic Broadcaster


A Nordic based TV broadcasting company utilises a solution of 100G optical transceivers alongside passive CWDM multiplexers to significantly increase its bandwidth performance between multiple company sites. With the broadcasting industry dealing with ever increasing data sizes, connectivity between the company’s multiple sites is important for business productivity, business continuity and ultimately customer satisfaction.

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Fiber to the Home


Working closely with a Nordic systems integrator and a city carrier, Pro Optix is helping to deliver a regional project to upgrade home broadband from copper to fiber in over 5000 homes per year. The major upgrade will help to deliver residences and apartment buildings with unprecedented high-speed Internet access. It is an ongoing project that utilizes Pro Optix Bidirectional (BiDi) optical transceivers.

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