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Pro Optix
200G Transceivers

200G Transceivers
200G Transceivers

Demand for Data Drives Increased Data Transfer Speed


The demand for faster speed has largely been driven by the increasing volume of data through cloud services, streaming, online-games and access to more advanced data centre and connected server clusters capable of delivering more capacity.

Pro Optix
200G Transceivers

200G Transceivers

Pro Optix offers a wide range of high performance optical transceivers including 200G transceivers compatible with Cisco, Arista, Juniper and Huawei. More compatible brands will be available for delivery imminently so please reach out to the Pro Optix team for latest updates.

Pro Optix also offers a large range of 100G and 400G optical transceivers, you can follow the links below. If you would like the latest fiber optical connectivity news please sign-up to join our mailing list. You can also search and specify individual products on our customer portal here.

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Product Description Data Rate
Wavelength Transmitter
Power (dBm)
Power (dBm)
Max Power
Reach Temperature
(deg C)
Min Max Min Max
QSFP-200G-SR4 200G 850nm -6dBm 4dBm -7.9dBm 4dBm <5w 100m 0~70
QSFPDD-200G 200G 1310nm -4dBm 2dBm -12.66dBm 2dBm <6,5w 10km 0~70
QSFP-200G-AOC 200G 850nm <3w 100m 0~70

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