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Passive CWDM Mux Demux and DWDM Mux Demux


Pro Optix have been providing Multiplexers since the company’s inception and have since proven the technology to be reliable and a robust product. Multiplexer solutions are available on the portal in CWDM from 2 to 18 channels and in the DWDM range up to 40 channels. All of which can be fully customized after customers need both in terms of technical specification and form factor.



MUX and DEMUX Multiplexers

Multiplexers (MUX) provide you with a cost effective and scalable fiber solution that allows you to increase bandwidth without investing in more fiber. It is suitable for both city carriers and access networks. It is a perfect solution for example operators wishing to update their fiber network to increase their bandwidth. This technique does not require upgrading of the fiber network or other fiber optic equipment.

MUX multiplies signals into a single fiber using different wavelengths / frequencies of light where each wavelength can send different types of data. DEMUX separates the signals again at the receiving end.


CWDM and DWDM Multiplexers

CWDM – Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing uses up to 16 wavelengths in a single fiber and is suitable for shorter distances, max. 160 km. DWDM – Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing uses up to 96 wavelengths in one connection and can send more data over longer distances without interference. CWDM and DWDM also use different types of laser plus it is also possible to complete DWDM with light signal amplification.

Multiplexers WDM Guide

Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) an Introduction Guide.

A document covering Multiplexers (Mux / Demux and CWDM / DWDM) including subjects:

+ Introducing WDM
+ The Technical Basics
+ The Transceiver
+ The Multiplexer
+ Coarse & Dense WDM
+ The Channels
+ The Laser
+ The Reach

Download the WDM Guide >

Optical peace of mind from Pro Optix

At Pro Optix, we do the due-diligence for you, ensuring all products are thoroughly tested and manufactured under ISO control, and meet the needs of your optical network. All our fiber optic transceivers comply with the Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) and just as all our stocked products, they are available for next day delivery.

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Further information about our optical transceiver products can be found on our transceiver technical information page. Including a full compatible brand list, our due-diligence process, and CWDM / DWDM product selection tool.

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