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Our comprehensive portfolio of fiber optical networking solutions enables us to offer our customers a solution tailored to their specific network demands. With guaranteed compatibility, extensive warranties and support, all our suppliers operate under ISO quality control and we have a strict product evaluation process to ensure we offer customers the best solutions.

Optical Transceivers

Fiber Optical Transceivers


With speeds up to 400G and distances up to 120km, Pro Optix supply a range of high-quality transceivers used by service providers, telecom operators, enterprises and SMBs from a selection of verticals.

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Pro Coder



The Pro Coder allows you to easily transcode your transceivers with enhanced flexibility. Pro Optix offers remote support when required and together, we can ensure you always have the correct codes. The Pro Coder is suitable for data centres and on the field, as it gives installers and technicians flexibility as the transceivers can be transcoded according to their requirements.

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Fiber Cables

Fiber Optical Cables


Extensive stock of single mode fiber OS1 and OS2; multimode fiber OM1, OM3, and OM4. Each fiber cabling solution is available in lengths and connection according to your requirements.

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MPO/MTP Solutions

MPO / MTP Solutions


Traditional fiber cables can make the data center crowded and difficult to manage; MPO / MTP cables and chassis offer a practical solution to this problem. Pro Optix offers complete MPO / MTP systems with pre-terminated multimode OM3 or OM4 or singe mode OS1 or OS2 fiber cables.

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CWDM, DWDM & MUX Multiplexers


Multiplexer solutions available in CWDM from 2 to 18 channels and in the DWDM range up to 40 channels. All of which can be fully customized for customer requirements for both technical specification and form factor.

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Ethernet Cables



Pro Optix offers Cat. 6 Ethernet cabling in different lengths. Cat 6 can handle 250 MHz bandwidth and transfer speeds up to 10Gb / s. Our range consists of UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) which is suitable for most installations.

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DAC AOC Cables



DAC offers a cost-effective solution to 10G, 25G, 40G and 100G fiber on short distances. Pro Optix’s AOC solutions are suitablefor longer distances and offer superior simplicity compared to using a transceiver and fiberpatch.

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Media Converters



A media converter is a networking device that makes it possible to connect two dissimilar media types such as twisted pair with fiber optic cabling.

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UPS Solutions



Pro Optix is an official distributor for Socomec, providing power availability, power control and power safety to reseller partners and service provider customer.

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Pro Optix FTTH-Box provides end users and installers an easy-to-use and flexible solution for splicing and termination of fiber to the home or company. The box design is small and discreet and is mounted directly on the wall incoming fiber.

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