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Pro Optix’s fiber optical news channel aims to keep customers and partners up-to-date with market developments, emerging technologies and industry insights. If you would like more news delivered straight to your inbox, why not subscribe to our monthly newsletter?

Pro Optix are turning 10 years old! Hear from Pro Optix CEO Tom Nordin, as he discusses the continued development of transceiver form factors over the years, optical technology developments and what the future looks like for Pro Optix. Read More >
Pro Optix have launched two new series of Wavelength Division Multiplexers (WDM) called the Pro MINI high-density series and the Pro NANO ultra-high-density series. Read More >
Can you recognise the difference between a good or poor-quality transceiver? Reducing production cost can be achieved in many ways, but industry experiences highlights these also deliver reduced performance and durability in the end-product. Read More >
ATEA Logistics and Pro Optix have signed an agreement to team up on optical solutions to ensure Pro Optix solutions are utilised with end customer quotations across the ATEA network of businesses within the Nordics. Read More >
Production has now slowly started! However, this only applies to some provinces and we are in close contact with factories and are currently planning for Q1-Q2. Read More >
We want to make you aware that we will have some impact on orders and delivery times in the near future as a direct result of the developments linked to the Coronavirus. Read More >
To be able to cost effectively achieve bit rates at 56 Gbps or higher we need to increase the amount of bits per symbol that are transmitted. This is where 4th level Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM4) enters the picture. Read More >
Pro Optix will be participating in the SSNF Roadshow during the autumn 2019. Spanning four locations, the roadshow will run from 20th November until 28th November. Read More >
Pro Optix has launched a range of 400G optical transceivers to offer customers an opportunity to maximise network capacity. Read More >
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